While it’s not necessary to have a theme, it does create excitement about your event. Here are some of the most popular casino themes:

Wild Wild West Theme
Moustache Themed Party
Sci-Fi Party Theme
Riverboat Gambler Theme
Zombie Theme
Casablanca Party Theme
Casino Royale Theme
1920’s Speakeasy Theme
Caribbean Theme
Roman Theme
Hollywood Stars Theme
Disco Party Theme
Mardi Gras Theme
Cereal Box Character Theme
Arabian Nights Theme
Camelot Party Theme
Southern Theme

Kentucky Casino Party Themes


When you’ve decided on the theme for your casino party it’s time to get creative. Invitations, decorations, costumes, food, party favors, and entertainment should all fit the theme chosen and be a part of your casino party planning process. Even the play money handed out to guests should match the theme of your event.

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